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שירות לקוחות
32253 Products
52 Over 50 years of experience
36 Manufacturers are represented
3 Branches in Israel


ATEKA is the Trade Division of the Afcon Industries Group. The Company exists over 30 years and represents manufacturers in the field of Electricity, Control and Electrical
Installations as well as a vast range of equipment for these fields.

Founded as part of the Afcon Industries Group in 1971 ATEKA is the commercial branch of the Group and is traded in the Israeli Stock Exchange with a yearly turnover of $550 Million Dollar a year.

ATEKA employs approximately 60 people and represents exclusively more then 30 suppliers worldwide. These companies are known worldwide for the quality of their products and are the leading brands in their field.

ATEKA serves over 1000 customers and has 3 branches throughout Israel; Haifa, Petach Tikva and Beer Sheva. The Company holds stock on demand and has a professional staff of Consulting Engineers and technicians providing before and after sale support to all customers.


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